Smart Office : An Interactive Showroom

Smart Offices are the next-generation offices with smart technologies incorporated.

We design our smart office to enable easy and effective working from outside of the office via videoconference and app remote control by using customised smart devices fully integrated in the office interior features.

[expand title="see more"]Working space is also efficiently maximised by incorporating built-in multifunctional electrical appliances within the constrained office space.[/expand]


Comfort and Aesthetics

This design captured the essence of modern Zen’s aesthetic, and translated it into a modern home-office where the principle is associated with simplicity and purity of lines.

The design emphasises on environment that makes the occupants feel inspired, motivated, healthier, happier and more productive.

[expand title="see more"]The materials are covered by natural-textured finishes, when combined with contemporary furniture it looks simple but, at the same time, producing a typical Japanese room with an ultra-modern touch to it.[/expand]


Folding House : Spatial Design

The Folding House provides a contemporary design solution to the issue of fitting within a tight space the modern lifestyle of a typical urban resident and office.

The 21st century multi-dimensional urbanite requires a comfortable and conducive environment not just for personal living and working but also for social hosting and professional group activities.

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This multi-modal design offers a natural evolutionary step to the limited home-office concept commonly seen nowadays in many cities!



Tropical-Scandinavian Aesthetic

Combining the best of Tropical relaxation and Scandinavian comfort​, the design uses natural wooden textures and earthy tones to create a personal sanctuary, not just a home.

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Latest smart technologies enable hands-free voice control to turn on lights, fans and air-con in this bright and airy house.


Modern Kitchen Makeover : 
Compact + Functional Kitchen Design

With a smart selection of well fitted accessories, we were able to expand and optimize the existing kitchen space.

[expand title="See more"] From built-in appliances, to drawer systems, all the features come together giving the kitchen a compact and clean look while adding more functions to it like never before.[/expand]


Presentation at Far East Sqaure

This presentation was conducted to share some interior design or renovation tips on how to improve house owners’ living environment. The four main topics presented during the event were

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1) increasing value of your own home  2) tips for organizing your space  3) home decor and 4) a home like no other .




Presentation at Katong Village Hotel

The attendees were taught to learn creative interior design tips about transforming their house into a dream home; including the supplementary interior design ideas for the bespoke masterpiece of Ferra Tower. 



Roadshow at Lucky Plaza

XFORM was invited by Far East Organisation to provide Interior Design Consultancy services for their customers.