Tropical Restaurant

Nowadays people desire more new experiences thanks to influx of foreign ideas and cultures in social media. Traditional tropical style is viewed as mundane due to over-familiarity and lack of freshness. Therefore, this project aims to create a new kind of neo-tropical identity by balancing local and foreign cultural influences in a unique and eye-catching style.


There are several techniques to blend the styles seamlessly, for example integrating a tropical dining arrangement with European elements such as Western bar and cosy lounge. Traditional tropical screen shades and trellises can also be transformed into modern wine display, beautiful featured ceiling, fin walls and others. The composition of essence of elements with usage of local materials and texture gives rise to an aura of modern tropical ambience mixed with European vibe.


This design provides a new type of spatial experience in a neo-tropical style - a beautiful 'mixed-blood' design integrated with many sophisticated features.


06/33 - Tropical Restaurant