Scandinavian-Styled Apartment

Scandinavian-Styled Apartment

Subject: Bright and airy, XFORM brings Scandinavian simplicity and functionality into modern living spaces.

Singaporeans love to go to IKEA, as indicated by crowd sizes there during weekends. The underlying Scandinavian design attracts us with its emphasis on simplicity, naturalness and functionality.

The minimalist philosophy keeps homes simple and uncluttered, providing a contrast to the messy and complicated urban environment in a metropolis such as Singapore. Suitable for the fast-paced lifestyle of busy professionals in Singapore, a Scandinavian-styled home gives a peace of mind at the end of a busy day at the office.

The natural theme uses natural colours and materials and maximises natural lighting from outside. Natural lighting benefits the regulation of our internal body clock, hence improves our health, while the soft-coloured surrounding inspires relaxation and recovery in our busy and stressed modern life.

The small size of apartments in Singapore necessitates the intelligent use of limited living space. The Scandinavian design ensures that each corner in the apartment is well-utilised without sacrificing on functionality. Built-in furniture has been designed to fit the apartment exactly.

You could start making your home closer to the Scandinavian design by firstly putting everything visible which are unnecessary into boxes and drawers to simplify the environment. Next you could consciously select soft-colour material the next time you shop for furniture. You could also repaint your walls using white or any other light-coloured paints and allow as much natural light as possible into your home. Finally, after making all the changes, sit back and relax and enjoy your new, cosy Scandinavian-styled home!

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