NYP Library

This project aimed to create a green and healthy environment at the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) Library for students to use regularly.

The design is inspired by life itself. The mystery of organic life, epitomized by the human brain, provided the idea for the general layout which reminded the students of the incredible abilities of their own human brains. A general background of interior greenery sought to create a conducive and attractive learning environment similar to the idea of learning in a garden. The students will be more relaxed and psychologically more ready to learn.

The lifestyle hub was designed to behave like a living creature that responded to the habits and needs of the students. We included ample opportunities for students to interact with the design, which promoted usage and increases its popularity. Some furnishings were also moveable leading to a high level of customizability and comfort. The dynamic design promoted a living environment that evolved responding to stimuli from students.

The design provided many opportunities for concept extension including the installation of various automatic systems to bring the concept of organic space to a higher level.

27/33 - NYP Library