This innovative office design for an aircraft company creates an intelligent working environment with interactive walls, floor and ceiling powered by an integrated smart mechanical and electrical system. The environment consists of organic interconnected spaces inspired by the microscopic honeycomb structure of the bone of a bird. The spaces highlights concepts of openness, flexibility, ergonomics and dynamism.


The complex shapes are formed using concepts similar to Buckminster Fuller's geodesic triangles and Ron Resch's origami folding patterns. Their natural curvature is modelled in computer using Non-uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) surfaces. The shapes are then digitised into unique segments which can be 3D-printed or manufactured using laser-cut precision before being assembled in construction.


The end result is a stylishly designed environment for employees to enjoy working and interact with others easily. The constantly changing environment can be conducive for more energy, flow of ideas and inspirations leading to improvement in their creativity and productivity. Future increase in number of employees can also be easily accommodated because the spaces are designed to be flexibly transformable. Both Form and Function were explored in this design without either one being sacrificed for the sake of the other.


16/33 - Hi-Tech