Grandma Restaurant

This is a restaurant serving Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine. We took reference of this cuisine that uniquely serve the food with rattan dish tray that comes with green banana leaves as a plate.

The symbolic banana leaves have became the operative device of this project, which later translated into a cladding system that wrapped around the interior with corrugated iron sheets. 

We retained some of the prominent elements such as windows, louvers and the corrugated sheets as a resemblance of the old townhouse design. The result was somewhat a reminiscent between the old and the new age.

An efficient kitchen layout was crucial in this project, as it would assure a maximum seating capacity to be achieved later. A few serving stations had been placed around the interior to allow the attendants to serve the customers more conveniently. Hence increase the quality of their service. 

28/33 - Grandma Restaurant