EN House

Transforming a typical HDB unit using a contemporary theme of maximum brightness.

In the kitchen we installed an integrated homogenous white solid surface counter top and sink and created a sleek and slim environment with glossy laminate finish. The kitchen now looks very clean and tidy, ideal for an enjoyable cooking experience.

To spice things up in the living room, we covered a wall with layered brick wallpaper designs to create an emphasis that contrasts with the rest of the flat. The bomb shelter door is also camouflaged nicely within the design to look like a natural part of the feature wall.

We have also transformed the toilet from its original look of a typical HDB toilet. The neat layout coupled with masonry walls and floor tiles gives a welcoming feel. The extended basin counter increases usability in the limited space while the large mirror makes it feel more spacious.

The flat now looks more like a shiny new hotel suite room than a HDB unit.

01/33 - EN House