DA House

The apartment is designed using a contemporary theme with emphasis on spaciousness and sleekness.

A colour palette consisting of white, cream and grey-brown improves the indoor brightness and gives a spacious feel to the apartment. The kitchen wall was 
replaced with a countertop to produce a larger and better ventilated space, conducive for casual interactions between people in the kitchen and dining 
area. The Master bedroom is designed with an elegant white glossy finish and neutral tones for a calm natural atmosphere. The huge wardrobe is well-
integrated to make the room more spacious and uncluttered. The Master bathroom has a trendy hotel look using granite and is equipped with a luxurious 
bathtub and matching faucet and basin. The warm ambience is further improved using a reflected light source near the mirror. The bright and spacious 
environment in the apartment encourages a calm and relaxed living style.

The design also emphasises on the seamlessness of the apartment. The uncluttered environment is achieved through careful planning and clever use of space. 
The kitchen with an open layout cabinetry has plenty of storage spaces for kitchen appliances, leaving the tabletop clean and free. The simple TV backdrop 
in the living room is matched with sleek console to provide an elegant activity area. The dining area is designed with a simple painted wall design decorated with accessories and pendant lighting in dining area to create a cosy space for quality family time. Throughout the seamless apartment, doors without handles with very thin joints are used and electric sockets and cables are hidden in special compartments within desks, mirror cabinet, retractable iron board, etc. Special minimalistic sliding doors are used in the semi-walk-in-wardrobe to even eliminate the need for door frames. The minimalistic furnishing in the apartment supports a simple and contemporary lifestyle.

The spacious and sleek apartment has been designed especially for the modern busy professionals living and working in big cities.

01/33 - DA House