CL House

This project sought to revitalize a very old and dull HDB unit at Empress Road in Singapore.
Warmed colored lightings were installed to create a vivid and bright atmosphere, making the apartment a homely and welcoming nest. The color palette for the whole apartment was also
pecially chosen to be in harmony with the owner's favorite furniture and accessories.
White textural tiles are used in the toilet for a brighter effect. Major overhaul processes have transformed the cluttered apartment into a clean, tidy and lively living environment.
The functions of the different sections in the apartment have also been improved. The previously cluttered kitchen has been reorganised by inserting extra storage space and cabinets within the limited space for a much more enjoyable cooking experience. The toilet has also been lengthened for greater convenience of use.
Both the atmosphere and the functionality of this small HDB flat have been drastically improved in this project.

01/33 - CL House